Lowell Historic Home For Sale

Castles and classics: Styles of residential architecture abound in the city of Lowell from Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Dutch and Georgian Colonials to the classic Bungalow, the traditional Cape Codder, the functional Ranch and much more. Nowhere is the elegance of Lowell’s Victorian-style homes more apparent that on that hill in the Belvidere Historic District anchored by Belmont Avenue. Victorian homes built in the Belvidere Hill Historic District between the 1870’s and 1890’s are mainly Queen Anne, Stick and Shingle styles. The term “Victorian” actually embraces several different styles of architecture found in the District.

The featured home in today’s Globe Real Estate section is the 1887 John Faulkner “shingle-style” mansion – often the site for parties and fundraising events for community non-profits like Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities. Shingle Style homes are similar in style to the Queen Anne – the distinguishing feature being the wooden shingle. The John Faulkner House’s form is a series of gables, turrets, round towers and tall chimneys. Plain and patterned shingles enrich the surface while the front gable is ornamented with applied woodwork. A matching Shingle style carriage house is sited to the rear. It’s a visual paen to the life-style of a prominent mill owner and banker.

John R. Ellement’s Globe article is accompanied by a series of photos by Josh Reynolds that display the traditional features of the mansion along with the modern updates.

Read the article here. View the photos here.

For more information on the Belvidere Hill Historic District and the Faulkner House in particular go to the UMass/Lowell Center for Lowell History website here and read the Lowell Historic Board brochure. BTW – you can purchase this Victorian dream mansion for $999,900.00.

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  1. Renee Aste says:

    I live in a Victorian shack of 1800. Sq. Ft.. Vinyl siding salesmen pester us at least twice a month. Yes my house needs to look better, but we’ll wait until we can properly paint. We’re finally replacing the last five windows this fall.