Kerouac Writes His First Novel

MassMoments reminds us that  – Jack Kerouac noted in his diary that he had written  “2500 words today in a few hours. This may be it — freedom. And mastery! — so long denied me in my long mournful years of work . . . Not that it’s easier, it’s only more myself.”  By this day – March 23  – in 1948  an “upbeat” Kerouac estimated that at his current rate he could complete his 360,000-word project in the next two months. His first novel “The Town and the City” was published in 1950.

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      …in 1948, Lowell native Jack Kerouac happily noted in his diary that he had written 2500 words. If he could keep up this pace, he would finish his first novel in a matter of weeks. The highly autobiographical The Town and the City was published in 1950, the same year he began writing On the Road, the novel that earned him the title “Father of the Beat Generation.” By the time he died at the age of 47 Jack Kerouac had published 14 books. On the Road is Kerouac’s most-read work today; it is widely considered one of the most important and influential American novels of the twentieth century, and Jack Kerouac is celebrated as one of Lowell’s favorite sons.
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  1. jOHN Quealey says:

    Most people did not know Jack Kerouac when he was around Wigginsville traveled through the Grove and Bleachery to his home across the Merrimack.
    I first heard of Jack when the Bloggers brother-in-law was a student at B.C. and an assingment to interview Jack was part of his homework and one of the boys from “The C’ornor” obliged.