Glen Johnson on David Broder With a Lowell Connection

On today’s  “Political Intelligence” page of the Boston Globe, senior political writer Glen Johnson tell us of his meetings and inaction of the recently deceased writer and columnist David Broder. The site posts the actual note from Broder to Johnson – a longtime admirer –  who was seeking a position with him at the Washington Post. It didn’t happen but the encouragement was appreciated. They later crossed paths during the Paul Tsongas campaign for President in 1992 and later during other presidential campaigns while with AP. Johnson obviously held Broder in high regard.

Lowell reference in the article:

Months later, lightning struck. At the height of President George H.W. Bush’s popularity following Operating Desert Storm, a former US senator from the hometown of my small newspaper, Lowell’s own Paul Tsongas, announced improbably that he’d challenge the incumbent president for re-election in 1992.

The Sun remains a relatively small paper, but it had a big heart, especially for the local story, so, by then as the Lowell city political reporter, the editor sent me out on the trail…

In April 1992, after Tsongas quit the race and “Comeback Kid” Bill Clinton was en route to the Democratic nomination and presidency, I wrote a thank-you note to Broder.

“I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed meeting you while I chased around Paul Tsongas for The Sun,” I said.

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Note on Glen Johnson:

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  1. Dean says:

    Glen Johnson has a great political memory. He will remember your face and your name years later.