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Glamour shot “ad” promoting  Melissa Leo for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance as Alice Ward in The Fighter

In today’s Boston Globe, Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein write about Dicky Ekland’s attempt get more “spotlight” time though an interview and story in  a “huge spread”  in the new issue of  “Men’s Journal.”

Micky Ward’s half-brother Dicky Eklund is getting more than 15 minutes of fame. After jumping on stage with Christian Bale at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Eklund, the former boxer played by Bale in “The Fighter,’’ has a huge spread in the new issue of Men’s Journal, which comes out Friday. Writer Kevin Gray’s story — which has the Neil Young-inspired headline “The Fighter and the Damage Done’’ — features Dicky, who has long battled drug abuse, talking about the pain meds he takes for his herniated disc, how he’s making money off “The Fighter’’ by fighting Danny Bonaduce at a Philadelphia community center (a gig that will get him $1,500), how his mother, Alice Ward, died last month and then came back to life, how he sold his life rights to Paramount for under $200,000 and then blew the money, and about his first reactions to Bale’s portrayal of his life. “Micky looks like a million bucks and I look like a two-dollar bill,’’ he said, of how he first felt about “The Fighter.’’ Dicky has come around, of course, and will join Bale at the Oscars.

The A&E/Celebrity writing duo also takes note that actress Melissa Leo is taking out her own ads  in the trade papers to bolster her chances to take home a Best Supporting Actress  Oscar for her already award-winning performance as Alice Ward in The Fighter.

…The ads consist of glamour shots of the actress under the word “Consider.’’‘s Pete Hammond asked Leo about her self-promotion. “I took matters into my own hands,’’ she said unapologetically. “I knew what I was doing and told my representation how earnest I was about this idea. I had never heard of any actor taking out an ad as themselves and I wanted to give it a shot.’’ We’ll see if it works.

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