Touting “The Fighter” in Lowell – Channel 5 Film at 11

Channel 5 reporter Kelley Tuthill came to Lowell this morning looking for reaction to the fate of  “The Fighter” on this Academy Award nomination day. On the 6 o’clock edition of the news  we caught Tuthill meeting with Micky Ward and Dicky Ekland for an interview at the Owl Diner and with Mickey O’Keefe at Top Donut for their take on the Oscar results. Look for more on the Channel 5 tonight on the “11 o’clock News”   as Tuthill tours some of the film location sites with Lowell Police officer Mickey O’Keefe – who played himself in the movie – as her Lowell guide.

Note: The Lowell-made movie “The Fighter” based on the life of Lowell fighter “Irish” Micky Ward and his family actually garnered seven Oscar nominations for –  Best Picture; Best Directing (David O. Russell); Best Supporting Actor (Christian Bale); Best Suppporting Actress (Melissa Leo and Amy Adams); Best Film Editing; and Best Original Screen Play.