Kennedy Family and Others Gather in DC to “Remember” 50 Years Ago

 John Fitzgeral Kennedy of Massachusetts  – 35th President of the United States – January 20, 1961 – delivering his Inaugural Address at the US Capitol.

Caroline Kennedy and one hundred members of the Kennedy family have gathered in Washington, D.C. today to celebrate and remember the 50th anniversary of her father John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Inauguration as the 35th President of the United States. The gathering tonight at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts will include the National Symphony Orchestra performing a new composition, “Remembering JFK (An American Elegy),” by Peter Lieberson and  Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Thursday along with Paul Simon, the American Ballet Theatre, Richard Dreyfuss, Morgan Freeman and others.

Kennedy will also gather members of her father’s administration, civil rights activists, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and even members of the first class of the Peace Corps — which JFK established — to mark the 35th President’s legacy at the Capitol. She also has plans to announce a new “Ask Not” public service campaign with Jimmy Fallon aimed at youth as part of a series of events to reconnect the Kennedy legacy with a new generation.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Kennedy reflected on her father and his iconic Inaugural Address:

I think he really expanded and redefined our idea of what it means to be a citizen — that everybody has something to contribute and everybody has something to give back to this country that’s given us so much,” Caroline Kennedy said. “It’s not just an obligation, but it’s really a rewarding experience and really a belief  in government and politics as a noble profession.”

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