The Lowell Connection: Another Review of “The Fighter”

 Mickey O’Keefe, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in a scene from “The Fighter”

Another review of “The Fighter” has surfaced – this time on Writer/reviewer Loren King has an interesting take on the movie, the family and on the city of Lowell.

…Wahlberg, who’s owned the rights to this story for years and managed to stay in fighting shape while he waited for it to get made, gives the best performance of his career, making Micky’s soft-spoken, stubborn decency part of what helps him find himself in the ring with opponents and out of it against the demons in his own orbit. He’s never been more watchable; it’s a delightful fusion of actor and role.

But what’s most impressive about “The Fighter” is that it manages to be fresh and invigorating without resorting to “Rocky-”esque cliché. It’s a triumph-of-the-underdog saga as authentic as the peeling paint on the triple-deckers of Lowell, the sagging face of the cop-trainer in the gym and the live-wire relationship between a pair of brothers whose identity is entwined with the battered city that claims them.

Read the full review ” The Reel Thing: Real life-inspired boxing drama goes to the mat in ‘The Fighter'” here.

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  1. JoeS says:

    Although the Fighter did explode the box office with top numbers, it has staying power and remains in the top 10 at number 7 this past week. As someone said previously, its total box office take will not be determined until well after the Oscars have been settled.