The City – an Engine of Revival?

In today’s Boston Globe Edward L. Glaeser – a professor of economics at Harvard and author of  a soon to be published book “The Triumph of the City” – penned an op-ed piece well worth reading.

DURING ECONOMIC downturns, we begin to fear that we are entering a permanent period of decline. But we can avoid that depressing prospect if we recognize that a revival will not come from federal spending or another building boom. Reinvention requires a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, which can emerge from our dense metropolitan areas and their skilled residents. America must stop treating its cities as ugly stepchildren, and should instead cherish them as the engines that power our economy…

As we grope towards a brighter future, we must embrace our cities, and invest in the skills that are central to their success.

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One Response to The City – an Engine of Revival?

  1. PaulM says:

    Edward L. Glaeser of Harvard and “The Triumph of the City” sounds like a perfect speaker for next year’s Parker Lectures series or as a featured guest invited to Lowell by the Innovative Cities Conference planning group. I’ll get to work on that.