Lowell’s Mickey Ward – To the Brink and Back

From Ward’s official website  http://officialmickyward.com/biography

Leaving “The Fighter” movie reviews for now, take a look as Ron Borges does in today’s Boston Herald at Micky Ward “the fighter” struggling to find himself back in 1991 and who then goes on to new heights in boxing by 2000:

On Oct. 15, 1991, the 26-year-old Ward went to Atlantic City to fight a relative nonentity named Ricky Meyers, a guy Ward figured he’d school. Then the fight started and, well, Ward fought like a guy he didn’t recognize.


“That was the low point of my career,’’ Ward recalled “I was supposed to win and he beat me for 10 rounds. I kept thinking, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Mentally I wasn’t myself.

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