Globe Santa Nixes Merrimack Valley Families in Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill

According to Bill Kirk’s  story in today’s Eagle-Tribune, the “helping hand” of the annual Globe Santa Fund will not reach out to families in the Merrimack Valley cities of Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill as it has done in the past. Citing the economy and anticipating fewer donations as happened last year and noting that these cities have successful “Santa” funds locally, they were the only communities that made the Globe “cut” list.

Faced with this situation we made a very difficult decision to reduce the area of service we could reasonably handle. We regret any hardship this action may cause for the Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill areas.” Powers said that at least part of the reason for the cut-back has been the continuing success of fund-raising programs by organizations such as The Eagle-Tribune, which sponsors the Santa Fund. That fund benefits families served by the Salvation Army. Of the 167 communities served by Globe Santa, Haverhill, Lawrence and Lowell were the only three cut.

The number of  families gifted by the fund last year and who will lose out this year is significant:

Last year, Powers said, Globe Santa helped 1,694 households in Lowell, 1,893 households in Lawrence, and 553 in Haverhill. Overall, Globe Santa helped 31,585 families and gave presents to 55,815 children last year.

For those who want to help the two major newspaper “Santa Funds” in the Merrimack Valley, check here for the Eagle-Tribune Santa Fund story and here for information on the Lowell Sun Santa Fund.

What do you think about this Globe scrubbing of these Merrimack Valley communities and their needy families?

Read the entire Eagle-Trbune article on the Globe Santa cuts here.

2 Responses to Globe Santa Nixes Merrimack Valley Families in Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill

  1. joe says:

    Cant figure why they cut just 3 due to costs,but will deliver to the other 164 communities.Makes no sense whatsoever.It cost more to transport to the 413 area code

  2. Right In Lowell says:

    If I had a subscription to that rag, I would cancel it. They accepted applications from hundreds of familes in the area who expected to receive assistance. They waited until the end of November to notify them when it’s way too late for them to seek assistance from other agencies. One might be able to understand them only helping the Boston area, but they sholuld have made that announcement prior to taking applications. Most agencies cross reference their applicant lists in order to stop the double dipping from one agency to the other. What are these people to do now???