Lowell’s “The Fighter” Opens on the West Coast

 Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale film a scene for ‘The Fighter’ in Lowell last summer

The Boston Herald’s “Dish Ladies”  – Gayle Fee and Laura  Raposa – give a sampling of the West Coast reviews for the made-in-Lowell movie “The Fighter” in today’s edition. The gloves are off as the ladies note a mixed-bag of comments from “knock-out contender” in  this Academy Award nomination season to a –  “not-so-much”…

Quoting from Meghan Johnson in The Hollywood Reporter’s review:

“If Wahlberg hits the PA trail and critics respond, the film stands a chance for moderate box office and a nom or two,” that show-biz bible said. “But the feeling persists that this is one that got away, that the film Wahlberg envisioned is not the film that ultimately got made.”

The flick tells the tale of the 31-year-old welterweight, played by Wahlberg, whose ring thing is his ability to absorb excruciating physical punishment until he is able to land a crushing blow. Ward was schooled in the sweet science by his crack-addicted, retired-boxer brother, Dickie Eklund, played by Christian Bale. Bale wears fake crackhead teeth, a bald spot and lost a ton of weight to play Eklund, thus making him a contender for a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Also getting unanimous critical applause is Amy Adams, who plays Wahlberg’s tough bartender galpal, the most “luminous” performance in the flick, The Hollywood Reporter said.

“The Fighter” officially opens Dec. 10 — just in time for Oscar season . . .

Here on the East Coast Lowellians are eagerly anticipating the local premier of the film – coming  soon. My bet is that East Coast fans will opt on the side of a “knockout.” Stay tuned for showing details.

Read the full Boston Herald clip here.

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