Globe Urges Continued Coakley Oversight of Caritas

In today’s edition, the Globe editorial urges Attorney General Martha Coakley to withhold her support for the Caritas Christi Health Care sale to the for-profit private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management unless Cerberus agrees to a continued financial oversight by the Commonwealth after completion of the sale. 

From the editorial is this concern:

By law, the attorney general’s office reviews proposals to convert nonprofits into for-profit enterprises, and Coakley is expected to announce her ruling on the Caritas sale in the coming days. Coakley’s office has kept much of its review process under wraps, and the speed at which Coakley may be arriving at a decision has fueled concerns among others in the health care system that she may sign off without obtaining necessary concessions.

There is no question that this sale has far-reaching effects to the Commonwealth’s healthcare system – to the patients, consumers and other stakeholders – beyond the Merrimack Valley, beyond Brockton, Brighton, Dorchester, Fall River and Norwood. The range of oversight is now in the hands of the Attorney General.

Read the full Globe editorial here.