What Bernstein Saw

Over on the The Boston Phoenix website’s – “Talking Politics” – David Bernstein tells us what he saw in the results of the Massachusetts Primary. From Guy being bumped to “Jon Golnik, taking on the woman he couldn’t be bothered to vote against three years ago” (i.e. Niki Tsongas), Bernstein’s take is interesting and well-worth a read. BTW, he wasn’t surprised that “Donoghue cruised past Doherty.”

Read more here: http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/talkingpolitics/archive/2010/09/15/what-i-saw-mass-primaries.aspx?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PHXTalkingPolitics+%28Talking+Politics%29#ixzz0zcEZlkD9

One Response to What Bernstein Saw

  1. Renee Aste says:


    If you don’t mind me commenting as a Sam Meas supporter, I posted my thoughts at gerry nutter and at the Lowell Sun. Golnik is playing on people’s anger and I don’t think the voter will care much about character or integrity.

    (Lowell Sun)
    “The only thing Golnik is banking on, is on your anger and a few fliers with Tsongas next to Pelosi and a notation of when the next Patriots game is on. Being an elected official (is) more about the issues when it comes to the Halls of Congress, it’s about character and integrity. When we take a good look at Golnik, we realize he has the potential to do more harm then Tsongas.”

    (Gerry Nutter)
    The type of voter who would vote for Sam, usually doesn’t vote in the primaries. As the Boston Phoenix mentioned, Golnik is just a Mass GOP time bomb. Meas can be transformational, instead Golnik just isolates.
    When I was doing the parades last July, all the candidates and the volunteers seemed to mingle. Except one, which was Golnik’s. When I collected signatures last spring, Tsongas’ volunteers were pleasant as we collected side by side. Yesterday when I voted for Sam, a Donoghue and Doherty sign holder were chit-chatting together. When Sandi Martinez won the endorsement of the Lowell Sun, Niki came over to her at the Concord parade Saturday to congratulate her.”

    I deeply afraid Golnik’s strategy will work.

    And an objective observer in San Francisco noted…
    “The GOP needs about a million Sam Meas, but keeps ending up with an endless supply of Jon Golicks.”

    Sorry for the demeaning of Golnik’s name, but that is how he wrote it.