Republicans and Democrats In Sync

The Washington Post and the Associated Press are reporting today that the Republican National Committee is in sync with the Democratic National Committee when it comes to the schedule for the 2012 Presidential Primaries.

The Republican National Committee adopted a new schedule for the 2012 presidential primaries Friday, agreeing to a plan worked out in concert with Democrats and designed to delay the start of the campaign season…

Under the new schedule, no state would hold a primary or caucus before the first Tuesday in February 2012, in attempt to avoid a repetition of 2008, when the Iowa caucuses were held Jan. 3.

Iowa and New Hampshire would retain their status as the nation’s first contests, held in February, joined by South Carolina and Nevada. (My bold)

Other contests would generally be held in April or later, although states would have the option of holding votes in March, provided convention delegates chosen at those elections were awarded to candidates in proportion to the percentage of the vote they received, rather than in a winner-take-all system.

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2 Responses to Republicans and Democrats In Sync

  1. PaulM says:

    I’ve never understood why Massachusetts political leaders have allowed New Hampshire to eat our state’s presidential-primary lunch every four years. It’s ridiculous for N.H. to hold this preferred position in the nation. The same goes for Iowa. States that are more representative of the country at large should be in the mix from the start. The primary process should be regionalized with rotating representative states from Northeast, Upper Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, Middle West, Mid-Atlantic, Deep South, and Southeast regions all being in play, like a series of Super Tuesdays across the country, one per month. It’s patently unfair for certain states to have a monopoly on early campaigning and early returns. Massachusetts politicos have been wimps on this topic for my whole voting life.

  2. kad barma says:

    Of course they are–collusionists are always recognizableby the nature of their collusion.

    Unenroll–Sapere Aude