Lowell Trivia Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the COA  Lowell Trivia quiz – “Do you Remember?” Reminder: it is geared to the senior population. If you are a younger senior your answers could be different. I did tweak some of the answers given in the COA publication. I’m open to discussing the answers.

  1. Name nine theaters that dotted Lowell. (Capital, Crown, Gates, Rialto, Strand, Victory, Keith, Merrimack and Royal – all closed)
  2. Where were the two “Waldorf” restaurants located? (Thorndike at Middlesex Street (depot area) and Merrimack Street
  3. What was the “super” store that sold all your household and personal needs? (Giant Store – now residential apartments)
  4. Name the clothing store at the corner of  Central and Market  Streets. (Dickerman & McQuade) *
  5. Name the men’s clothing store at the corner of Central and Jackson Streets. (Newman’s – the store for men and boys)
  6. Name the men’s clothing store at the corner of Warren and Central Streets. (Talbot’s)
  7. Where was Gaumont’s appliance store? ( 338 Merrimack Street  / Goodyear Tires now)
  8. Who hosted a noontime WLLH radio show daily outside in downtown Lowell? (Tom Clayton)**
  9. Where could young people go “dime-a-dance” dancing? (Lakeview Ballroom)
  10. Who was the “CandyMan” at all 4th of July celebrations? (Kelley)
  11. Where was the “poor farm”? (Chelmsford Street)
  12. Where was the only toboggan chute in the city? (Fort Hill)***
  13. What parade was held a week before the Memorial Day parade in Lowell? (Lowell High School’s Field Day Parade)
  14. Name the  woman’s store in the Appleton Bank Building on Central Street. (Harry Bass)
  15. Name the “five and dime” stores in downtown Lowell. (Woolworth’s, Kresge’s, Newbury’s and Green’s)
  16. Name the hotel located on Central Street at the corner of Merrimack. (Cole’s Inn)
  17. What band played at all Immaculate “Hoodsie Hops”? (Bernie Larkin’s Band)
  18. Name two roller skating rinks. (Hi-Hat, the Rex, the Crescent)
  19. Name a downtown night club. (Blue Moon – others)**** 
  20. Where did the elite meet downtown for ice cream? (D. L. Page’s – later Brigham’s)

*There were other men’s store on Central Street including Curran’s. **Tom Clayton hosted his program outside Newman’s and in later years outside the Rex on E. Merrimack Street.  ***Was there also one at Shedd Park? Maybe in later years. ****Does the Celebrity count? Ever hear of the Lobstercot? We need to reread some Sampascoopies columns to get the real flavor of downtown Lowell nightlife in the 30s, 40s and 50s.


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  1. Prince Charming says:

    I always thought that the Sun should feature some of those old columns. Even if some of the players are gone now, it would be a kick for the families to read about their past.