Boston Mayoral candidate videos

To give a sense of how political candidates are using video in local elections, I’ll occasionally post examples from other communities. Here are two from John Connolly and Bill Walczak, both candidates for mayor of Boston. [youtube]drM8XmyrkYA[/youtube] [youtube]WFx29HT4efM[/youtube]

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2014 Gubernatorial Race Developments

Since the election to choose the next governor of the Commonwealth is still 15 months away, not all of our readers might be following developments related to that race. There have been a few during the past 72 hours, so I thought it appropriate to document them here. Juliette Kayyem,…

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“A over B” by John Edward

John Edward, a resident of Chelmsford who earned his master’s degree at UMass Lowell and who teaches economics at Bentley University and UMass Lowell, contributed the following column. Some simple math can help illustrate policy issues that divide our world. Ratios are a handy device to explore relationships. If you…

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