In the Merrimack Valley ~ Area Dems Unity Meeting in Lawrence

Many Tewksbury Democratic Town Committee ladies joined with their sister and brother Democrats from Lawrence and Andover at a Unity Breakfast and Candidate event yesterday morning. And words, gestures and commitment to Democratic unity was alive and well in Lawrence!

State Senator Barry Finegold drew a standing ovation of thanks as he spoke enthusiastically for Dems up and down the ticket and most especially for candidate Barbara L’Italien who looks to succeed him. As he spoke of the improvements in Lawrence student test results, he reminded us that all Democrats understand that “a good education is a great equalizer.”

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera was at his best as MC and as he spoke of what was best for Lawrence and what works for our part of the Merrimack Valley. “We need smart Democrats in the Legislature.” The closeness and spirit of working together with the delegation and with other Dems was apparent with State Reps Marcos Devers and Frank Moran. Noting the need to “protect Democratic values” – Marcos called-out the the attempt of his opponent Willie Lantigua to pass himself off falsely as an “Indedendent Democrat.”  Auditor Suzanne Bump spoke of Democrats as “good stewards of public resources.” Barbara L’Italien  – who had a rough week as her tussle with the state was characterized in some media outlets as over a tax payment rather than over the amount of a tax refund – was strong about her positions, her experience and her record making her the best candidate for State Senate rather than someone aligned to the Tea Party banner and cause. 18-Year veteran Essex County Register of Probate Pam Casey O’Brien noted that during her tenure the office was changed and updated with new technology making the services more efficient and user-friendly.

But it was Governor’s Councillor Eileen Duff who really got to the nitty gritty of the unity event – getting out there and electing the  Democratic ticket, in particular why we need to elect Martha Coakley as  Governor and not Charlie Baker. She cited two examples starting with one of his campaign themes – saving Harvard Pilgrim Health, noting that he did it on the backs of workers and small business owners like herself. Rates went so high that she and others just couldn’t afford to stay covered.  Many had to go unprotected as Baker “saved” the system. The other issue is the “Big Dig” that he allowed to go over budget as his contractor-friends made money. We in the Commonwealth are still paying the costs and still suffering from an infracture that wasn’t repaired, replaced or kept-up. She continued that the GOP also spends the Commonwealth budget monies but not the way Democrats do… on the people, education, first responders and so on.  As Auditor Bump noted “commitment is an action” word… and the word from this Unity event was to do out there and get it done for the Democratic ticket – from top to bottom.

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  1. DickH says:

    Eileen Duff’s remarks about the Big Dig and Charlie Baker reminded me of one of the stories we heard at the UMass Lowell Irish-American History conference. The speaker was born in Ireland but worked in Boston. She became fascinated by all the Irish voices she heard at Big Dig construction sites and started bringing a camera and a tape recorder. She befriended the workers and captured their daily lives on film and tape. She said that in all the years of doing this she only saw one shovel. The guy holding it said he had used the same shovel for seven years. He was still using the original blade but he was on his tenth handle. Maybe Baker could use this guy in a campaign commercial.