Proposed City Council Districts

The city of Lowell has released map showing the eight proposed districts that will each elect a City Councilor in the November 2021 city election (NOTE: An earlier version of this post referred to the preliminary map shown below which has since been superseded by this map which changed the…

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State Elections in Lowell: 1970-2020

My latest book, State Elections in Lowell: 1970-2020, is now ready for purchase from the Lulu.com print-on-demand service. The book covers all Massachusetts state elections held during the past 50 years. For each election, the book shows candidate names and vote totals for all Federal and state offices that appeared…

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The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point By David Daniel On the Saturday that the official results of the 2020 Presidential election were declared, my wife and I were in Springfield, visiting her brother Tony. The concurrence of the two events was coincidental, the get-together having been planned for some weeks. The weather was…

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