Aren’t We Marching Anymore?

Women’s March, 2017, web photo courtesy of Wikipedia Aren’t We Marching Anymore? Do other folks think that the Democratic National Committee or some national organization should be organizing demonstrations in Washington DC and all cities during this Impeachment period that could be over very soon if the GOP has its…

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Fmr. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Leaves Hearing to a Standing Ovation

Ambassador Yovanovitch with U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (yellow coat) and the late John McCain with Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine, undated. (FB photo courtesy of Sen. Klobuchar, 11/15/19) What’s happening in Washington DC every day affects each community in the U.S. This action in the nation’s capital is local news even…

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2019 Lowell Election (Unofficial) Results

UPDATE: This post reflects City Hall number which differ substantially from those shown above which were previously posted here. City Council Rita Mercier – 5191 Vesna Nuon – 4821 John Drinkwater – 4788 Rodney Elliott – 4738 Sokhary Chau – 4321 John Leahy – 4182 Dave Conway – 3738 Bill…

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