2021 City Election scorecard

Last week the Lowell Election Office completed its certification of nomination signatures submitted by candidates for Lowell City Council and School Committee. The list of candidates (including home addresses) is available on the city’s website. For more detailed information about the candidates be sure to visit the Lowell Votes website which is comprehensive and nonpartisan in its coverage. 

Here is the lineup for Council and School Committee:

City Council 

At Large

  • Deborah Belanger
  • John Drinkwater (incumbent)
  • Robert Hoey Jr
  • Rita Mercier (incumbent)
  • Vesna Nuon (incumbent)
  • Bobby Tugbiyele

District 1

  • Rodney Elliott (incumbent)
  • Daniel Rourke (incumbent)

District 2

  • Martin Hogan
  • Corey Robinson
  • Robert Gignac

District 3

  • John Leahy (incumbent)
  • William Samaras (incumbent)
  • David Conway (incumbent)

District 4

  • Paul Belley
  • Ryan Rourke
  • Wayne Jenness Jr

District 5

  • Kimberly Scott
  • Tooch Van

District 6

  • Sokhary Chau (incumbent)
  • Justin Ford

District 7

  • Kamara Kay
  • Paul Ratha Yem
  • Patricia Stratton
  • David Ouellette

District 8

  • Ty Chum
  • Erik Gitschier


School Committee

At Large (two seats)

  • Michael Dillon Jr (incumbent)
  • Jacqueline Doherty (incumbent)
  • Connie Martin (incumbent)
  • James Peters

District 1

  • Ben Opara
  • Stacey Thompson

District 2

  • Hilary Clark (incumbent)
  • Eileen Delrossi

District 3

  • Susie Chhoun
  • Andrew Descoteaux (incumbent)

District 4

  • Cheth Khim
  • Dominik Lay (incumbent)

Preliminary Election

A preliminary election will be held on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, but only for those districts in which the number of candidates is more than double the number of seats to be filled.

City Council districts needing a preliminary election are:

  •         District 2 (eliminate one candidate)
  •         District 3 (eliminate one candidate)
  •         District 4 (eliminate one candidate)
  •         District 7 (eliminate one candidate)

No preliminary election is needed for any School Committee districts.


Finally, if you’d like the above on paper, click here to open a PDF of the 2021 candidate lineup.