Some Interesting Polling Data

Yesterday, Gallop published a compilation of data from several recent USA Today/Gallop polls concerning the Tea Party movement, which can be found here. It’s a rather fascinating look at what the different sections of our political spectrum consider to be “extremely serious threats” to the future of the United States.…

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Another Lowell Connection in Yankee Magazine and Much More

Yankee Magazine arrived the other day. There are a myriad of stories and articles pertaining to summer in New England. Learn the  history and “art of the sail” with Robbie Doyle a Marblehead sailmaker. Follow seasoned kayakers along the Coast of Maine’s Island Trail. Enjoy Rhode Island natives Casey and Garret Roberts’…

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On Fiscal Austerity

A year ago, I made the decision to switch from studying history to evolutionary biology. I spent the entire summer weighing my options and considering the benefits of both degrees. Part of what I found appealing about biology, and science in general, is its absolute reliance on evidence; arguments from…

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