New Poem by Tom Sexton

We have a new poem from Tom Sexton today, which he sent from his home in Alaska. In this new composition Tom recreates an extended moment in his Lowell youth, reflecting on a kind of confusion most of us have experienced. The details are just right in this self-portrait of…

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Farewell, Uncle Tommy

One of my uncles passed away yesterday at 97 years old. In my family he was always “Uncle Tommy,” Thomas C. Brady of Lowell, raised along the Concord River and longtime resident of Centralville. He was in the US Navy in WWII, serving in the Atlantic and Pacific on ships…

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‘Look At a Dry Leaf’

Web image courtesy of Wikimedia I reached into the vault for a poem from this “time of the season.” —PM . Look At a Dry Leaf . A dry leaf is a physical map: River beds are sap routes Forking off the prime vein. The underside’s not printed, But the…

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