Poet Anthony Febo: A New Book

Poet Anthony Febo did his best work in Lowell for a long time, but has moved on with a family and new goals as a teacher and writer. Kudos to “Febo” for publishing his first book, “Becoming an Island” (Game Over Books, 2021).

Please consider ordering a copy. He may be the next inaugural poet, you never know.


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“Febo dismantles inherited masculinity while dancing on a balancing beam between Brown boyhood and becoming his father’s son in this collection of poetry. It is the dinner party you’ve waited your whole life to attend. The poems hold your hand, guide you to your seat, and feed you until you become the plantain tree itself.”

-Princess Moon, author of The Genocide’s Love Baby Learns to Sing

“The cookbook you didn’t know you needed, the family photo album that comes alive, a book to dance to because Febo doesn’t give the body any other choice but to learn to say te amo to yourself and mean it, with hips swaying. This book tendered my heart, I mourned the last page for coming too soon.”

-Zenaida Peterson, author of Breakfast for Dinner

“C’mon sun, you already know Febo is a beast. This arsenal of art is infectious vocabulary accented in a dare for the reader. Love and light mark the corners on this block of life, whereas this book allows you to live inside them whenever you wish to visit. Become addicted to its concrete and seduced by its bloodwork; somehow, you will find yourself already connected to its DNA. Welcome home.”

-Jamele Adams (aka Harlym 1Two5), Dean of Students at Brandeis University

One Response to Poet Anthony Febo: A New Book

  1. David Daniel says:

    It’s exciting to see Anthony Febo’s collection of poems. I got to know him a little back in the days when he was getting notice for his performance poetry around the city. He had a cousin who was a student of mine at Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School on Middle Street, and he came over a number of times to work with our students, who were excited to think a real poet can exist. He was always energetic and funny and fun, and an impressively good poet. Congratulations to him on the book.