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South Common Crowd

At the end of the afternoon yesterday, there were more than 100 people enjoying the South Common—dozens of kids swimming in the blue pool, more young people running in races, small children at the playground, basketball players on the court, older health-walkers from Bishop Markham Village, people taking their  big…

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The Stand Out

In this space I’ve written about the house party and the “time” as building blocks of a political campaign. Another staple of any campaign is the “stand out.” Some people call this “holding signs,” and the insiders refer to this activity as “viz” or “doing a visibility.” The stand out…

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South Common, May Morning

After ten days of rain and dampness, the South Common was busting out of its green suit this bright morning. A red-tailed hawk glided down the tree-lined walkway leading in from Summer Street. The combination of fully new-leafed trees and severe clear sky seen through their crowns reminded me of a…

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