Protect the South Common; 200 Swimmers on Opening Day

The South Common pool yesterday opened for the summer and not a day too early for the heat wave. More than 200 swimmers enjoyed the sparkling cool water. Pool hours are 12 noon to 6 pm. The City staff and lifeguards do a first-rate job on site. I learned that the state runs the North Common pool and charges a small fee for use—-and also provides security. The South Common pool is free and open to all. It wouldn’t be bad to have security personnel on site for the South Common facility, considering the heavy use and the active section of the city around it.

Don’t let anyone tell you the South Common should be on some kind of trading table of properties in play for future building projects in the city. The South Common is too important as a public park and green space in Lowell to be fooled with.

One Response to Protect the South Common; 200 Swimmers on Opening Day

  1. Paul@0a852 says:

    I believe I heard on the police scanner that at least some if not all the pools and Rynne Beach will be open until 9pm this evening due to the extreme weather.