South Common, May Morning

After ten days of rain and dampness, the South Common was busting out of its green suit this bright morning. A red-tailed hawk glided down the tree-lined walkway leading in from Summer Street. The combination of fully new-leafed trees and severe clear sky seen through their crowns reminded me of a handful of green and light-blue cat’s eye glassies. The crystalline gleam of colors in sunlight had all the primary power of childhood treasures. The grass was tall enough to be loose, riffling in the breeze. Gray squirrels and various birds moved through the landscape, doing what they do in their territory. A few people crossed the open space on the way to trains or something else. There was a large red mattress near the sidewalk at the Thorndike and Summer entrance, either an early sign of seasonal campers or an illegal dumping. Young trees planted as part of the sidewalk upgrade last year looked sturdy, some of them having already blossomed and dropped their petals. New mulch around the corner monuments sprouted weeds and other volunteers encouraged by recent rain. Spring green, from Highland to Summer, from Thorndike to South.

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