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That’s the word I used in an early morning e-mail to my friend John Suiter in Chicago, who wrote to me late last night from a city where horns exclaimed victory for the Blackhawks. He described fireworks exploding over Navy Pier and mobs moving down Michigan Avenue. There will be…

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‘Merlot Line’: B’s Trivia

Okay, I’m a hockey fan, but I’m not a “heek” (a hockey geek). I’ve heard the TV play-by-play announcers refer to the “Merlot line” of Gregory Campbell, Daniel Paille, and Shawn Thornton, one of the Bruins’ supporting lines. What are they talking about, I wondered? I could have Googled the…

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Hockey Talk

Between the UMass Lowell River Hawks skating and blasting  their way into college hockey’s Frozen Four in Pittsburgh this spring and now the surging Bruins, one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in three years, our region is in prime condition for a spell of…

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