Pie-Yay. The French way. Paille.

These Bruins are fun to watch. The first two games of the NHL championship series have been as good a display of hockey as I remember seeing. One of the TV announcers quoted a writer who declared, “If these two teams played 100 games, each would win 50.” Maybe so. Maybe so. I like that these are full squads competing—and not one or both sides boasting a superstar with the rest of the players in tow. There is a balance of talent on the benches that makes the effort more satisfying. Tonight the hero was Daniel Paille, a winger on a supporting line. He and Tyler Seguin and Chris Kelly stormed back against the Blackhawks after a first period when goalie Rask said it seemed like Chicago had more players than Boston for the first 20 minutes. The B’s were out-shot 19 to 4, or close to that. Kelly pushed in the tying goal and Paille whipped a wrist shot into the net for the overtime win. Now it’s on to Boston for two games. Buckle your seat belts.