Nadeau to Rynne

Monument Names from “N” to “R”

Paul Nadeau Square
West Sixth and Ennell Streets

Natsios Brothers Square
Lincoln Parkway and Pine Street

Daniel Newell Monument
Callery Park

Olga Nieves/Adams Street Park
123 Adams Street

Arthur Noel Square
Andover and Nesmith Streets

Leo “Buckles” Nolan Square
South and Summer Streets

Noonan Family Memorial
Washington Parkway

North Common Mall Plaque
North Common, on wall near Transfiguration Church

Fathers O’Brien Monument
St. Patrick’s Church

Cardinal O’Connell Early Learning Center
21 Carter Street

Cardinal O’Connell Monument
Cardinal O’Connell Parkway

Daniel O’Connor Square
Walnut, Central and Whipple Streets

James O’Donnell Bridge
School Street/Mammoth Road

John O’Donnell Playground
1170 Gorham Street

John O’Flahavan Square
Riverside Street & Colonial Avenue

Oliveria Park
85 Newhall Street at Chambers Street

Thomas O’Hagan Memorial
Fairfield Street and Hanson Terrace

John O’Keefe Circle
Central Street & Wamesit Street

O’Neil Brothers Square
Bridge and Boynton Streets

Peter Orlando Square
Barker and Billings Streets

Joseph R Ouellette Bridge
Aiken Street & Merrimack River

Kelly L. Page Softball Field
Shedd Park

Page’s Clock
Merrimack Street

Bernard Painchaud Square
West Sixth and Boisvert Streets

William Pappaconstantinou Square
Gumpus and Acropolis Roads

Nicholas Pappas Square
Andover and Draper Streets

Spalding Parker Square
Crescent and Parker Streets

Passaconnaway Statue
Edson Cemetery

Passaconnaway Memorial
Mammoth Road and Varnum Ave

Elezar Patenaude Square
Lilley Ave and Hildreth Street

George Patton Hall
Merrimack and Moody Streets

George Patton Portrait
Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Pawtucket Boulevard Monument
Vandenberg Esplanade

Pawtucket Canal Plaque
Francis Gate Park

Pawtucket Prism
Concord River and Pawtucket Canal

Pawtucketville Veterans Monument
Mammoth Road and Varnum Ave

Peace Park
Wang School

Pearl Harbor Bridge
East Merrimack Street and Concord River

Herman Peladeau Square
Baldwin and Middlesex Streets

Solon Perkins Flag
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Hall of Flags

Manuel Perry Square
Powell and Smith Streets

Michael Perry Playground
36 Dover St

Persian Gulf War Grove and Plaque
South Common

Wayne Peters Square
Pine and Raynor Streets

Frederick Petros Square
Branch and School Streets

Poirier Brothers Square
University Ave and Gershom Ave

Edwin Poitras Portrait
Middlesex Community College Federal Building

Polish Monument
City Hall grounds

Polish Veterans Monument
Coburn Street

Pollard Memorial Library
Merrimack Street

Porter/Perry Square
Lakeview Ave and Fisher Street

Portuguese Monument
City Hall Grounds

William Potter Monument
Pawtucket Street and Broadway

Arthur Potvin Square
Wilder and Midland Streets

Poulios Brothers
Mt. Vernon and Bowers Streets

George Poulten  Square
Princeton Boulevard & Stevens Street

Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Lowell City Hall

POW/MIA Plaque & Display
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Hall of Flags

POW/MIA Monument
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Grounds

Pow-Wow Oak Plaque
Clark Road

Psareas Family Square
West Bowers and Wannalancit Streets

Francis “Fronko” Purtell Field
South Common

Pyne Arts School
145 Boylston Street

Quealy/Faulkner Square
Lagrange and Fletcher Streets

Quinn Holmes Plaque
Hunt’s Falls Bridge

James Quinn Square
Cottage and Central Streets

John Quirk Square
Westford and Lane Streets

Racette Brothers Memorial
Hall and Suffolk Streets

Rafferty Square
Walker and Shaffer Streets

Early Railroad Plaque
Lucy Larcom Park

Antonio Rapone Terrace
South Highland and Burns Streets

Albert Recco Square
Ralph and Ware Streets

John Reid Square
Crescent and Emery Streets

Reilly Elementary School
115 Douglas Road.

Raymond Riddick Field House
Lowell High School

Riverside Square
Woburn and Eugene Streets

Paulmia Robarge Square
Shaw Street and Harris Ave

Albert “Skippy” Roberge Square
Seventh Avenue & Crawford Street

Robinson Middle School
110 June St

Leon Rock Square
Bunker Hill Avenue & West Sixth Street

Rogers School
Highland Street

Edith Nourse Rogers Portrait
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Hall of Flags

George Francis Rogers Square
Middlesex and Central Streets

Ernest Rondeau Square
Monarch Street and West Meadow Road

Raymond Rondeau Square
Aiken Merrimack Streets

Alexander Rosewicz Square
Chelmsford Westford Streets

Rotary Club Park
16 Richmond St

Henry E Rourke Square
Borne and Andrews Streets

Timothy Rourke Monument
Alumni Field

Rourke Bridge
Wood Street over Merrimack River

Raymond Rourke Parking Garage
Chelmsford and Westford Streets

Christos Rouses Memorial
JFK Plaza

Rousseau Brothers Square
Beatrice and Seventh Avenues

Roy Brothers
Melrose and Pawtucket Streets

Charles Roy Square
Middlesex and Branch Streets

Keith Rudy Softball Field
Koumantzelis Park/480 Pawtucket Street

William Ryan Square
Stevens and Parker Streets

Elmer Rynne Tennis Courts
Shedd Park

Michael Rynne Bath House
160 Pawtucket Boulevard

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