St. Armand to Zabbo

Monument names from “S” to “Z”

Leo St. Armand Square
Moody and Spaulding Streets

St. Joseph the Worker Shrine Wayside
Lee Street

St. Louis Park
406 West Sixth Street

Sakelarios Brothers Square
Varney and School Streets

Peter Samaras Square
Townsend Avenue and Pawtucket Boulevard

Charles Sampas Pavilion
Vandenberg Esplanade

Sampson Connector
Lowell Connector to Merrimack Street

Mary Ann Sanders Tyler Fountain
Tyler Park

Edward Santos Square
Central and Wamesit Streets

George “Frank” Sargent Monument
Lincoln Parkway and Florence Road

William Sargent Square
Mount Pleasant & Reservoir Streets

Charles Savard Square
Clark Road and Andover Street

Avila Sawyer Square
White Street & Textile Avenue

Scanlon Family Square
Grace and Liberty Streets

Scannell Brothers Square
Princeton Boulevard and Livingston Avenue

David Scondras Square
Dutton Street and Broadway Street

James Scondras Gymnasium
Rogers School

David Scullin Playground
Morey School

Harry Sears Square
Hale and Cambridge Streets

Secchiaroli Brothers Square
Ware & Chelmsford Streets

Matthew Sepe Square
Lawrence and Charles Streets

William Sargent Square
Mt Pleasant and Reservoir Streets

David Sevigny Square
Barbara Street and Varnum Avenue

Gerard Sevigny Square
Westford and School Streets

Edmund Shanahan Square
School and Marsh Streets

John Shanley Square
Elm and Chapel Streets

Shattuck Square
Hurd and George Streets

Shaughnessy Elementary School
1158 Gorham St

Shedd Park
Rogers and Boylston Streets

John Sheehy Monument
Pawtucket Street

James Shelton
Bowers and Arlington Streets

Jacob “Stu” Sideman Square
Foster and Westford Streets

Ted Sierra Square
Bridge and Hildreth Streets

Gerald Silk Square
Hampshire and Bridge Streets

Joseph Simoneau Square
Auburn & Gorham Streets

Evangelos Sirmopoulos Square
Broadway and Adams Streets

Ronald Skelton Square
Thorndike Street & YMCA Drive

Warren Smith Parking Lot
Warren Street

John Smith Memorial
University and Fourth Avenues

Wendall Smith Square
Gorham and Appleton Streets

Arthur Solomonides Square
Mary Theresa Terrace and West Meadow Road

Soucey Brothers Square
Beaulieu and West Sixth Streets

Frank Sousa Square
Charles and Chapel Streets

South Common People Plaque
South Common, opposite Gallagher Terminal

Spanish-American War Monument
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

Spanish-American War Naval Gun
Pollard Memorial Library grounds

Michael Spellissy Square
Greenwood and Lawrence Streets

George Spenard Square
Dowling Drive and Varnum Ave

Spindle City Corps Monument
Armory Park

Peter Stamas Square
Starr Avenue and Hovey Street

Raymond Stavely Square
Princeton Boulevard & Baldwin Street

Julian Steele Housing Project

Stele for the Merrimack – public art
Fr. Morrisette Boulevard and Suffolk Street

Robert Stevens Square
Chelmsford and Nottingham Streets

Stoklosa Middle School
560 Broadway

Michael Strules Square
Hanover and Merrimack Streets

Albert Sugden Square
School and Liberty Streets

Sullivan Middle School
150 Draper St

John Sullivan Square
Lawrence and Burton Streets

Raymond Sullivan Plaque
Lowell High School

Sweatt Softball Field
McPherson Park/185 Hildreth Street

Swede Village World War II Monument
Gorham Street at entrance to Edson Cemetery

Sweeney Park
Lawrence and Moore Streets

Raymond Sylvain Memorial
Alumni Field

Karol Szafran Square
Rogers and Perry Streets

Bamford Szelest Square
Lawrence and Watson Streets

Frederick Szewczyk Square
Orleans Street and Osgood Ave

Stanley Szopa Square
Beacon and Durant Streets

Talty Brothers Square
Fletcher and Suffolk Streets

Eugene Tansey Square
East Merrimack and Nesmith Streets

Charles Taylor Square
Hillside and Bellevue Streets

Donald Taylor Square
Grand and Ralph Streets

Robert Tessier Square
Pawtucket Street and Fr. Morrisette Blvd.

Temple Beth El Monument
Princeton Boulevard and Stevens Street

Themeles Brothers Square
Market and Dummer Streets

Joseph Therieault Square

David Thompson Square
Burnham Road and Russell Street

Tournas Brothers Square
Salem and Bowers Streets

Joseph Tousignant Square
Merrimack and Austin Streets

George Tracy Square
Mammoth Road & Third Avenue

Frederick Trissler
Ludlam Street and Cumberland Road

Rudolphe Trouville Square
Liberty and Temple Streets

Trzcienski Family Square
Union and Gorham Streets

Tsaffarras Brothers Square
Fletcher and Varney Streets

Peter Tsirovasiles Park and Monument
North Common

Paul Tsongas Arena
Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Turcotte Square
Varnum Avenue & Pawtucket Boulevard

Mary Ann Sanders Tyler Fountain
Tyler Park

Tyler Park
Westford Street

Vallee Memorial Park

Vandenberg Esplanade
Pawtucket Boulevard

Varnum/Mt Vernon Park
169 Third Street at Durand Street

Joseph Veillette Square
Hall and Perkins Streets

Matthew Ventura Field
303 Boston Road

Albert Vercellin Square
Rosemont and Martin Streets

William Vergos Square
Lagrange and Suffolk Street

Veterans of Foreign Wars Monument
Plain Street

Veterans of Foreign War Benches
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Grounds

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Highway

Veterans Memorial Park
17 Ennell Street

Veterans Memorial Parkway
Ennell Street from Lakeview to Aiken

Victorian Garden
Shattuck Street

Victory Park
21 Woburn Street at Lawrence Street

Vietnam Memorial
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

Vigeant Softball Field
McPherson Park/185 Hildreth St

Bob Vigeant Field
Highland Park/150 Fleming St

Peter A Voloino Square
Dingwell and Princeton Boulevard

Joseph Voyer Square
Riverside and Sparks Streets

James Vurgaropulos Square
Broadway and Pawtucket Streets

John C. and James C. Vurgaropoulos Bridge
Pawtucket Street

Walker Street Pump Station
Pawtucket St in Sheehy Park

Edward J. Walsh Youth Soccer Complex
26 Edwards Street

Wang Middle School
365 West Meadow Road

Wannalancit Park
School Street at VFW Highway

Joseph Ward Square
Princeton Boulevard and Hadley Streets

Micky Ward Circle
Industrial Ave

Washington Elementary School
795 Wilder St

Washington Park
Middlesex Street

James Welch Square
Fairmont and Rogers Streets

Anne Dean Welcome Regatta Festival Field
381 Pawtucket Boulevard

Thomas Whalen Field
Gage Field/78 Thirteenth St.

Big Wheel
Wannalancit Mills

James McNeill Whistler Monument
Whistler House

Ladd & Whitney Monument
Monument Square

Winged Victory
Monument Square/Merrimack Street

Harold Winn Square

Russell E Wintle Square
Bridge and Tenth Streets

Women Veterans Monument
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

Wood Brothers Square
Wilder and Waugh Streets

Henry Wood Square
Douglas Road & Glenwood Street

The Worker – Public Art
Market and Shattuck Streets

Working Women Monument
Market Street

World War I German cannon
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

World War II Monument
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

Joseph Worthy Square
Broadway and Dummer Streets

John Wright Square
Bridge and Seventh Streets

George Xiggores Square
Farmland and Cumberland Rd

Yianopoulos Family Square
Tenth St. & Beacon St.

John Zabbo Little League Field
Callery Park

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