LaChance to Murningham

Monument names from “L” to “M”

Joseph Lachance Square
Merrimack and Suffolk Streets

Ladd and Whitney Monument
Monument Square/Merrimack St and Arcand Drive

Raymond Laferriere Square
Ford and Aiken Streets

George Lafferty Square
Shown on 1936 atlas – opposite Mercier Center

Thomas Lafferty Square
George Street & Warren Street

Normand Lague Square
Ellis Ave and Waterford Street

John Lake Square
Barrington and South Whipple Streets

Robert Lamarine Square
Blodgett and Midland Streets

Frank Lambert Square
Crosby and Kinsman Streets

Paul Lamoureux Square
Fisher and Barker Streets

John Landry Square
Stevens and Viola Streets

Richard Lane Square
Pawtucket and School Streets

Laotian Monument
City Hall grounds

Alphege Laporte Square
West Fourth and Albion Streets

Lucy Larcom Park
Along Merrimack Canal from Merrimack Street to French Street

Roland Larochelle Square
Washington and Leverett Streets

Larrivee Brothers Square
Boynton and Hildreth Streets

Ralph W Lashua Square
Merrimack and Cabot Streets

Laurent Brothers Square
Varnum Avenue and Barbara Street

Lavallee Brothers Square
Cumberland Road and Leeds Street

Lavoie Family Square
Gaudreau and Chamberlain Streets

Wilfred Lavasseur (Whiting Street) Park
Whiting Street

John Leahy Square
Broadway and Shaffer Streets

Lebel Family Square
Crawford Street and East Meadow Road

Ronald LeBlanc Park
38 Acropolis Road

Leblanc Therapeutic Day School
58 Sycamore St

Henry LeClair Basketball Court
St. Louis Playground

John Leddy Square
Grant and Marshall Streets

Laura Lee Therapeutic Day School
235 Powell Street

George LeGrand Monument
Broadway and Fletcher Streets

Eugene Lejeunesse Square
Mammoth Road and Varnum Avenue

Edward LeLacheur Park
Aiken Street

Lemay Brothers Square
Shea Street and East Meadow Road

Walter Lemieux Square/Park
Mill and Lawrence Streets

Lionel Lemire Square
Broadway and Willie Streets

Lincoln Elementary School
300 Chelmsford St

Abraham Lincoln Monument/Square
Chelmsford/Lincoln/Liberty/Hale Streets

Roland Lippe (Brothers) Square
New York Street and Lakeview Ave

Walter and John Lis Square
High and Porter Streets

William Liston Square
Knapp Avenue and Hoyt Avenue

Lithuanian Monument
City Hall grounds

Little Canada Monument
Aiken St just before Hall St

Lewis Lord Overpass

Robert Loucraft Field
Daley School Little League Field

Lowell High School Tribute to Education plaques
Kirk Street

Lowell Locomotive
Dutton Street

Lowell Memorial Auditorium
East Merrimack Street

Lowell Sculptures 1, 2 and 3 I- Public Art
Boarding House Park/French Street Extension

Lowell Textile Heritage Plaque
One University Ave on large gate.

Arthur Lozeau Square
Endicott Street and Fourth Avenue

Leon Lussier Square
Aiken and Perkins Street

Alvin Lutkus Square
Winter and South Streets

Luz Family Square
Gorham Street

Frank Lyons Square
Bridge Street and Lakeview Avenue

Machado Field
Cawley Stadium/424 Douglas Rd.

Macheras Corner
Broadway and Suffolk Streets

Wallace MacRitchie Square
Westford and Grand Streets

Glen Magill Square
Billerica and Clifton Streets

Father Maguire Park
Woodward Ave and Mammoth Road

Jan Mahoney PYO Girls Softball Field
Father Maguire Playground

Ernest Maille Square
Ennell Street & Lakeview Avenue

Charles Malamas Square
Westford and Marlborough Streets

Paul Maleau Square
West Sixth Street & Ennell Street

Thomas Mann Square
Gorham and Highland Streets

Joseph Mann Square
Andrews and Barrington Streets

Manning-Cranna Square
Fletcher and Adams Street

Manning Field
303 Boston Road

Samuel Manoian Square
Varnum Ave and Tower Drive

Quentin Mansfield Square
Stevens and Pine Streets

Benoit Marchand Square
Mt. Hope and Riverside Streets

Marcel Marion
Aiken Street & Hall Street

Marine Corps Monument
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

James S. Martin Varsity Softball Field
Cawley Stadium/424 Douglas Rd

Manuel Martin Square
Central Street & Charles Street

Gerard Martineau Square
Island and Lakeview Ave

Armand Masse Square
Branch Street & Coral Street

Matte Square
Cabot and Hall Streets

Roger Maxfield Square
Dartmouth and Westford Streets

Henry “Hank” Mazur Square
Willow Street & Andover Street

McAuliffe Elementary School
570 Beacon St

McAvinnue Elementary School
131 Mammoth Rd

Edward W McCabe Square
Fletcher Street & Cross Street

Peter A McCall Square
Raven Road & Thorndike Road

Robert McCall Square
Pine Street & Liberty Street

Timothy J McCarthy Square
Varney Street & Mt Vernon Street

William McCarthy Fire Station
Pine and Stevens Streets

William J McCarthy Square
Fayette Street & Merrimack Street

Robert McCluskey Square
Temple Street & Hillside Street

Edward McDermott Square
Havilah St at Longmeadow Countryclub

George McDermott Reservoir
197 Beacon St opposite Sixth St

McErlane Square
Mammoth Road & Fourth Ave

McGovern Family Square
19th Street

Charles McInerney
Main and Massassoit Streets

McInerney Park
213 West London at Main Street

Francis McInerney Square
Appleton and Favor Streets

Ryan McMahon
Stevens and Parker Streets

Raymond E McManus Square
School Street and Broadway

John R McNamara Square
High and Chestnut Streets

McNeil Brothers Square
West Meadow Rd & Varnum Ave

David McNerney Square
Jackson and Canal Streets

Arthur McOsker Circle
D Street & Harris Avenue

Francis McOsker Square
Lawrence and Agawam Streets

Frank McPherson Playground
185 Hildreth at Richardson Street

McQuaid Brothers Square
Lawrence and Hudson Streets

Medal of Honor Plaque
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Hall of Flags

Thomas Megdanis Square
Adams and Cross Streets

George Mercier Square
Lakeview Avenue & Exeter Street

Joseph Mercier Square
Tremont and Moody Streets

Raymond Messer Square
Chelmsford and Plain Streets

Edward Michael Square
Broadway and Suffolk Streets

Athanasios Michaelopoulos Square
Suffolk and Market streets

Middlesex Canal

Middlesex Village World War II Monument
Hadley Field

Mitropoulos Brothers Square
Farmland Road and Essex Street

Patrick Mogan Cultural Center
French Street Extension

Molloy Brothers Square
Walker and Shaw Streets

William Molloy Square
Gorham and Carlisle Streets

Edward Moloney Square
Gorham and Hobson Streets

Ronald Montbleau Field
Pawtucket Memorial Park/465 West Meadow Rd.

Moody Elementary School
158 Rogers Street

Moody Street Playground
497 Moody Street

Morey Elementary School
130 Pine Street

Paul Morin Square
Hale and Washington Streets

Bradford “Brad” Morse Walkway
Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Kendall Morse Square
Westford and Pine Streets

Peter Moulton Square
West Sixth and Jewett Streets

Muldoon Park
Billerica and Lawrence Streets

Mullen Brothers Square
Stackpole Street and Hospital Drive

Grady Mulligan Plaque
Middle and Palmer Streets

Ricky Mulligan Monument
Plain Street and Avenue C

William “Tiny” Mulligan Square
Market and Dutton Streets

Murkland Elementary School
350 Adams Street

Paul Murningham Square
June and Twelfth Streets

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