Hadley to Krysiak

Monument names from “H” to “K”

Hadley Park
650 Middlesex St

Haggerty Memorial Track
Cawley Stadium track

Kenneth Harkins Square
Hurd and George Streets

Harmony/Cross Street Park
Marion and Cross Streets

Bernard Harrington Square
Moore and Gorham Streets

Hebert Brothers Square
Worthen and Market Streets

Alfred Hervieux Square
Dalton Street and Farmland Road

Charles Higgins Square
Broadway and Clare Street

Edward Higgins Square
Commonwealth Avenue and Woburn Street

Highland Park
150 Fleming St

Highland Association World War II Monument
Plain and Parker Streets

Lucy Ann Hill Tree
Lucy Larcom Park

Quinn Holmes Sign
Hunt’s Falls Bridge

Holtham Square
Bridge and Nineteenth Street

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Lewis Street

Homage to Women
Market Street

Hosford Square
Central and Wamesit Streets

Robert “Pete” Houde Square
Phoebe and Sarah Ave

Hovey Park
266 Aiken Ave

Francis and Harold Hovey Square
Chelmsford and Grand Streets

Human Construction
Pawtucket Canal at Central Street

Huntington Hall Plaque
Merrimack and Dutton Streets

Hunt’s Falls Bridge
Nesmith Street

Ralph G Hurd Square
Durant and Third Streets

James Hurley Square
Raven Road and Andover Street

Hutchinson Square
Liberty and Hutchinson Streets

Hydro – Public Art
Hamilton Canal District

In Loving Memory Plaque
Hadley Field

Industry Not Servitude – Public art
Lucy Larcom Park

Cyrus Irish Auditorium
Lowell High School

Irish Monument
Merrimack and Cardinal O’Connell Parkway

– public art
JFK Plaza

Costas Ivos Square
Worthen and Broadway Streets

Jardin Brothers Square
Bunker Hill and Lakeview Avenues

Joke Plaque
East Merrimack St at Concord River

Azad “Duke” Juknavorian Square
Gorham and Elm Streets

John Kaczmarski Square
Varnum Avenue and Old Ferry Road

James Kalergis Monument
Besides Transfiguration Church on Clark Street

Francis Kazalski Square
Ludlam and Bridge Streets

Paul Kearney Square
Prescott and Merrimack Streets

Stephen Kearney Bridge
Over Western Canal and Jefferson and Suffolk Streets

Keefe Brothers Square
Cross and School Streets

Joseph Keefe Square
Mammoth Road and Fifth Avenue

Monsignor Keenan Park
West Sixth Street at Hampshire Street

John Scott Keenan Square
Stevens and Chelmsford Streets

Keith Academy
Thorndike Street

Charles Kelleher Square
Fulton and West Streets

William Kelley Square
Bridge and West Sixth Streets

Archie Kenefick Manor
Stackpole Street

John F. Kennedy Civic Center
Arcand Drive

Kerouac Commemorative
Bridge Street

John Keter Square
Walker and Branch Streets

Cornelius Kiernan Memorial
North Common

John Kiggins Square
Lawrence and Billerica Streets

Brian Kinney Monument
Fletcher and Pawtucket Street

Father Kirwin Playground
889 Lawrence St

Paul Kittredge Park
Nesmith and Andover Streets

Knotts Park
150 Douglas Rd

Koravos/Coravos Square
Suffolk and Jefferson Streets

Korean War Monument
Lowell Memorial Auditorium grounds

Korean War Veterans Bridge
School Street over Pawtucket Canal

Arthur and Charles Koulias Square
Broadway and Lewis Street

Michael Koumantzelis Field
Bartlett Field/480 Pawtucket Street

John Koumantzelis Square
Kirk and Lee Streets

Dennis Krysiak Tennis Courts
Shedd Park/453 Rogers St

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