Ecumenical Plaza to Guilmette

Monument names from “E” to “G”

Ecumenical Plaza
Lewis and Jefferson Streets

Clifton Edmonds Square
Rea and Rogers Streets

Edwards Street Soccer Field
50 Edwards St

Eliot Church/Meeting House Hill
Summer Street

Irving Emerson Square
Westford Street and Florence Ave.

Emond Brothers Square
Cabot Street and Father Morrisette Blvd

Edward Espinola Square
Rogers and Concord Streets

Leo Falardeau Square
Penny and Kino Streets

James Farley Square
Lillian and Kathletta Street

Leo Farley Field
McPherson Playground

Thomas Farley Square
South Whipple and Lawrence Streets

William Farrell Monument
Shedd Park

Fayette Park
246 Fayette St

Fels Park
Riverside Street and Sarah Avenue

Michael Fenton Square
High and Merrimack Streets

Ferry Landing/First Street Park
21 First St

Festival Fields 1 & 2
Pawtucket Boulevard

Martin “Mickey” Finn Little League Field
78 Thirteenth St

Edward F. Finnegan Basketball Court
Shedd Park/453 Rogers St.

George Scott Finneral Square
Lincoln Parkway and Van Greenby Road

George Scott Finneral Monument
Vandenburg Esplanade

George Scott Finneral Plaque
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Hall of Flags

Frank Finnerty Square
Pine and Wilder Streets

Firefighters Monument
JFK Civic Center grounds

Fisette Brothers Square
Colburn and Merrimack Streets

Flaggy Meadows Playground
Courtland Street

Edward Flanagan Square
Chelmsford and Sheldon Streets

George Flanagan Housing Project

Flood/Byrne Square
Atlantic Ave and Wedge Streets

Joseph Flynn Monument
Lowell Water Works/Pawtucket Blvd

Ronald Forget Square
Butman Road and Hovey Street

Fort Hill Park
171 Rogers St

Leo Fortier Monument
Marine Corps Monument at Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Leon Fournier Square
Walker and Middlesex Streets

Father Andre Garin Monument
St. Jean Baptiste Church/Merrimack Street

Francis Gate Park
Pawtucket Canal at Guard Locks

Francisco Family Square
South and Gorham Streets

Franco-American Monument (Bell)
City Hall grounds

Gerard Frechette Square
Dunbar Ave and Pawtucket Drive

Evo Freitas Square
Tilden Street and Cox Way

Gage Field
78 13th Street/Beacon St

Warren Gagnon Square
Brookings and French Streets

Charles Gallagher Transportation Terminal
Lowell Regional Transit Authority/Thorndike Street

Bob Gallagher Field
Shedd Park

William Gallagher Square
Central and Thorndike Streets

Edward J Galotta Square
Central and Prescott Streets

Mary R. Galotta Memorial Bench
Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Daniel Gannon Square
Seventh Ave and Farragut Street

James Gannon Square
Farragut and Seventh Avenue

John Barry Gannon Fire Station
Mammoth Road across from McGuire Park

William Gardner Square
Ludlam and Hildreth Streets

Garneau Brothers Square
Plain and Quebec Streets

Walter Garside Square
Forest and Lipton Streets

Gatzimos Family Square
Pawtucket and Mt. Vernon Streets

Gauthier Brothers Square
Pawtucket Boulevard and Dunbar Ave

Robert Gauthier Square
Pine and Liberty Streets

Gavriel Brothers Square
Mt. Vernon and Cross Streets

Raymond Gearin Square
West and Stanley Streets

Joseph Geary Basketball Court
Reilly School/115 Douglas Rd

Thomas Gentz Square
Lawrence and Woburn Streets

Gentz Brothers Memorial Bridge
Martin Street

Arthur A Georges Square
Hancock and Clark Streets

William Gibbons Square
Broadway and Walker Street

Wallace S Gilbert Square
West Sixth Street and Aiken Avenue

Edward T Gillis Square
Rogers and High Streets

James Gillis Square
Columbia and Mammoth Road

Glacial Oval
Glacier Street

Thomas Gleason Square
Broadway and Fletcher Street

Peter Golden Square
Eaton and Plain Streets

Goyette Brothers Square
Clifton and Eason Streets

Frank W. Grady Bridge
Boylston Street

Graham Family Square
Franklin and Fletcher Streets

Grand Army of the Republic Lot
Lowell Cemetery

Appleton Grannis Bridge
Merrimack Canal at French Street

Greek Immigrants Monument
Market Street and Cardinal O’Connell Parkway

Greek-American Legion Monument
Broadway and Dummer Street

Green Brothers Square
Bunker Hill Road and Carolyn Street

John Green Monument
JFK Plaza

Greenhalge Elementary School
149 Ennell St

Joseph Grenda Square
Concord and Sherman Streets

Walter “Gator” Gresco Field
Shedd Park

Father Grillo Park
Chapel and Back Central Streets

Joseph Guilmette Square
Lakeview Avenue and Farmland Road

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