Cahill to Duxbury

Monuments beginning with “C” and “D”

Cahill-Perrin Field
Shedd Park/453 Rogers St

Raymond Cailler Square
Eustis and Bridge streets

Callery Park
Stevens, Parker, Wilder and B streets

Cambodian Monument
City Hall grounds

Jack Campbell Field
30 Courtland Street

Carnevale Family Memorial
West Fifth and Courtland Street

Carney Family Square
Billerica and Stavely streets

Carney Field
North Common

Paul Carroll Square
Fulton and West Sixth streets

Carter Street Park
25 Carter St

John J Carville Square
Rogers Street and Wellington Avenue

Castle Square
Common Ave and Clark Street

Lucas Cavalho Soccer Field
Cawley Stadium/424 Douglas Rd

Lawrence Cavanaugh Sr. Basketball Complex
O’Donnell Park/1170 Gorham St

Cawley Memorial Stadium Complex
424 Douglas Rd

Louis Centore Memorial Bridge
Hale Street

Central Street Plaques
Central & Prescott/Central & Merrimack

Centralville Memorial Park
711 Aiken St/Ennell St

Centralville Soldiers Monument

Centralville Veterans Memorial
Traffic island VFW and Bridge

William Chakarian Square
Ames and Central Streets

Philip Chalifoux Square
Moody Street and Textile Ave

Henri Champagne Square
Woburn Street & Carmine Street

David Chandler Square
Middlesex Street & Stevens Street

Chuck Chaparas Square
School and Liberty Streets

Raymond E Chappell Square
Nesmith Street & Rogers Street

Harry Charity Square
Mammoth Road and Ellis Ave

Myron Charles Square
Shaw Street & Chauncey Avenue

George Charrette Square
Salem and Pawtucket Street

Maurice Chateauneuf Square
Decatur and Merrimack Streets

Kito Christakos Square
Lewis and Market Streets

Francis Christoun Square
Faulkner and Lawrence Streets

Circuit Ave Park
Circuit Ave

Civil War Mortar
Pollard Memorial Library grounds

George Clark Square
South Whipple Street & Lenox Street

John Clark Square
Douglas Road and Andover Street

Clemente/Washington Park
803 Middlesex Street

Roberto Clemente Little League Field
Koumantzelis Park/480 Pawtucket St

William Clouatre Square
Aiken and Moody Streets

Coburn Park
845 Chelmsford St/Stevens St

Henry Cognac Square
Merrimack and Pawtucket Streets

Chester Colbath Square
Deerfield and Stratham Streets

William Coleman Playstead
First Street

Conant Square
East Merrimack and Willow Streets

John Connolly Square
Fletcher and Willie Streets

Anthony Contakos Square
Hanover and Market Streets

Charles Contakos Monument
Market and Suffolk Streets

Gerald Cook Square
D and School Streets

Robert Cooper Square
Fourth and Myrtle Streets

Charles & Roger Corbeil Square
Fifth Avenue and Crawford Street

Richard Corbett Square
Pond and Pleasant Streets

Henry “Micky” Corcoran Square
Wright and Acorn Streets

Richard Corcoran Square
Wilder and Lund Streets

Arthur Cormier Square
Bellevue and Thayer Streets

Edmond Cormier Square
Exeter and Dalton Streets

Harry Coronios Square
Varnum Avenue and Cabot Street

Costopoulos/Mastacouris Square
Varnum Ave and Bedford Street

Albert Cote Field
St. Louis Playground/406 West Sixth Street

Leo Cote Square
Moody and Cabot Streets

Victor Cote Square
Rumford and Crystal Streets

Coulouras Brothers Square
Princeton Blvd. & South Canton St

Alfred Courtois Square
Plymouth and Riverside Streets

Edmond “Gus” Coutu Field

John Cox Way
Arcand Drive Extension

William Craib Square
Woodward Ave and Courtland Street

Cranna Manning Square
Fletcher and Adams Streets

Colleen Creegan Park
Arcand Drive & Fr. Morrisette Blvd

George Crotty Circle
Appleton and Thorndike Streets

Thomas Crowley Park
78 Wedge Street/Water tower

Donald Conroy Field
Callery Park

Sean Cullen Memorial
Parker and Stevens Street

Charles Cummings Square
Pine Street and Florence Ave

Lorne Cupples Square
Westford, Pine and Loring Streets

Rodger Currie Square
Wilder and Winthrop streets

Daley Middle School
150 Fleming Street

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Dalton Bench

James Danckert Square
Lawrence, Wamesit and Rogers Streets

Bette Davis House
22  Chestnut St

Claude Debussy Sculpture
UMass Lowell

William Decker Square
Lane and Horn Streets

Joseph DeCosta Field
Bailey School

Anthony Dejesus Square
Chelmsford and Cambridge Streets

John M. Delehanty Skate Park
Hadley Park/1650 Middlesex St

Felix Delude Square
Mt Hope Street & Fourth Avenue

Joseph Demers Square
Lakeview Avenue and Sladen Street

DeMoulas Market Plaque
Dummer Street

Dery Brothers Square
Dana and Ludlam Streets

Peter Deschene Memorial Fire Station
West Sixth St.

Descheneaux Family Square
White and Mt. Hope Streets

Armand Desmarais Square
Moody and Austin Streets

John Desmarais Square
Smith and Westford Streets

William J. Desmond Jr Field
Cawley Stadium/424 Douglas Rd

Robert Dixon Square
Barclay and Liberty Streets

Doane Street Park
69 Doane St

John Donaghue Square
Dunfey Ave and Sixth Ave

Michael Donaghue Square
Mammoth Road and West Meadow Road

James Donohoe Park (Donahue?)
2 Stratham Street

Charles Donnelly Square
Varnum Avenue and Laurie Lane

Joseph Dowd Square
Sutherland and Hildreth Streets

Albert Drolet Square
Salem and Cage Streets

William Droll
Arlington and Pawtucket Streets

Dube Square
Woburn Street & Eugene Street

Jollene Dubner Park
23 Rogers Street

Ducharme/Commonwealth Park
367 Woburn St

William Duffy Square
School and Middlesex Streets

Alfred Dufresne Square
Wilder and Westford Streets

Duquette Brothers Square
Ennell and Hildreth Streets

Romeo Durant Square
Merrimack and Tilden Streets

John Durkin Park
294 Chelmsford Street

Earl Duxbury Square
Lexington and Varnum Avenues

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