Abraham to Butler

Monument names beginning with “A” and “B”

Eddie Abraham Memorial Square
Fletcher and Brooks Streets

Acre World War I Monument. a/k/a “The Doughboy”
Fletcher and Willie streets

Agapetime – public art
Behind MCC Cowan Building, overlooking Lower Locks

Constantinos Aggelokos Square (WW1/KIA)
Lewis and Jefferson Streets

Joseph Albert Square
Worthen and Moody streets

Harry Allen Field
St. Louis Field

Alumni Field
758 Rogers St

Anthony L. Archinski Pool
South Common/200 South St

Armand Alix Square
Adams, Market, Cabot and Salem streets.

Donald Arcand Drive/Monument
Arcand Drive/Monument Square

Armenian Monument
City Hall grounds

Armenian Fathers Monument
Gorham Street and Sheraton Way

Armory Park
50-74 Westford St

William Aubut Square
Broadway and Wilder streets

William Aunchman Square
West Sixth and Coburn Streets

Mary Bacigalupo Park
Shattuck Street

Bailey Elementary School
175 Campbell Dr

Smith Baker Center
Merrimack Street and Cardinal O’Connell Parkway

Alfred Baraby Square
Andover Street and Wilder Road

Roger Baribeault Square
Fisher Street and Cumberland Road

John Barrett Field
Callery Park.

Bartlett Community Partnership School
79 Wannalancit Street

Beauchesne Brothers Square
Riverside and Jordan Street

Paul M Beauchesne Square
Fletcher and Bowers streets

Beaudoin Brothers Square
Exeter and Barker Streets

Henry Beaudry Square
Moody and Race streets

Quentin Beauregard Square
Middlesex and Saunders streets

Robert Beek Square
Middlesex and Wilder streets

Joseph Belanger Square
Middlesex and Thorndike streets

Raymond Belisle Square
Moody and Pawtucket streets

Central and Prescott Streets

Edmund A. Bellegarde Boathouse
300 Pawtucket Boulevard

Gerald Belley Square
Fourth Ave and Crawford Street

Charles Bendzewicz Square
Woburn and Eugene streets

Joseph Benoit Square
Aiken Avenue and Fisher Street

Paul Berrios Square
Douglas Road and Hovey Street

Robert Bigelow Square
Bigelow and Swan streets

Edward Blanchette Square
Gumpus Road & West Meadow Road

Paul Blanchette Square
Mt Washington and Pawtucket Street

Blazonis Brothers Square
High and Everett Street

Bernard Boisvert Square
Aiken Street and Lakeview Avenue

Arthur Bonin Memorial
17th and Humphry streets

Raymond Boucher Square
Dunbar and Varnum Ave

Henry J Boudreau Square
Lilly Avenue and High Street

Bourgeois Park
113 University Ave

Raymond J. Boutin Concession Stand
LeBlanc Park/38 Arcopolis Street

Boutselis Brothers Square
Beacon and Sixth streets

Jack Bowers Athletic Complex
Daley School

Thomas Brady Square
Hildreth Street and Aiken Ave

George Brick Square
Andover and High Streets

Briere Square
Ennell Street & Carolyn Street

Normand Brissette Monument
Centralville Memorial Park

Brouillette Family Square
Orleans and Tilton Streets

Everett Brown Square
Wood and Middlesex streets

Thomas Bryan Square
Fayette and Andover streets

Charles Buk Square
Coburn and Jewett streets

Bukala Brothers Square
Orleans and Hildreth streets

Roland Bureau Memorial
Varnum Ave and Orchard Street

Burns Brothers Square
Lupine and Orleans streets

Burns Family Square
Wellington Ave and Hoyt Ave

Butler Middle School
1140 Gorham Street

Benjamin Butler Bust
Lowell Memorial Auditorium Hall of Flags

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