2019 City Election - Lowell

City Council

Candidate # of Votes # of Votes in Lowell Incumbent Win
Rita Mercier 5191 5191 Incumbent Win
Vesna Nuon 4821 4821 Incumbent Win
John Drinkwater 4788 4788 Win
Rodney Elliott 4738 4738 Incumbent Win
Sokhary Chau 4321 4321 Win
John Leahy 4182 4181 Incumbent Win
David Conway 3738 3738 Incumbent Win
William Samaras 3734 3734 Incumbent Win
Dan Rourke 3726 3726 Win
Corey Belanger 3708 3708
David Ouellette 3405 3405
Ty Chum 3322 3321
Marty Lorrey 3253 3253
Jeffrey Thomas 2536 2536
Harry Kortikere 2280 2280
Alexandra Amparo-Del Villar 1939 1939
Juan Castaneda 1892 1892
Martin Hogan 1653 1653

School Committee

Candidate # of Votes # of Votes in Lowell Incumbent Win
Mike Dillon 4296 4296 Win
Jackie Doherty 4105 4105 Incumbent Win
Andre Descoteaux 4095 4095 Incumbent Win
Robert Hoey 4057 4057 Incumbent Win
Connie Martin 3768 3768 Incumbent Win
Hilary Clark 3747 3747 Win
Dominik Lay 3645 3645 Incumbent
Ben Opara 3388 3388
Jim Peters 2779 2779
Jim Peters 2451 2451 Incumbent
Sherri O'Connor Barboza -22236 2236

Election Day was Tuesday, November 5, 2019. The weather was overcast/drizzly with 45 degrees as an average temperature.

Of 59,509 registered voters, 11,051 (18.6%) participated in this election.

Three incumbent councilors did not seek re-election: Ed Kennedy, Jim Milinazzo and Karen Cirillo.

There were 3 referendum questions on the ballot:

Question 1 – Ranked Choice Election System (“Proportional Representation”)

Of the two options that the City can choose from, do you support the adoption of a Ranked Choice election system (also called “Proportional Representation”), according to which: the City will continue to have 9 City Councilors and 6 School Committee members; all candidates will run as at-large/city-wide representatives; and voters may vote for as many candidates as they wish, ranking their choice of candidates according to their preference? Yes or No. NO – 4431; YES – 4268

Question 2 – District & At-Large Election System (“Hybrid” System)

Of the two options that the City can choose from, do you support the adoption of a Combined District and At-Large System (also called a “Hybrid” system), according to which: the City Council will be enlarged to 11 members composed of 8 district representatives and 3 at-large/city-wide representatives; the School Committee will be composed of 4 district representatives and 2 at-large/city-wide representatives; and voters may vote for (A) one district City Council candidate and three at-large City Council candidates, and (B) one district School Committee candidate and two at-large School Committee candidates? Yes or No. YES – 5197; NO – 3507

Question 3 – Adoption of the Community Preservation Act

Shall the City of Lowell accept Sections 3 to 7, inclusive, of Chapter 44B of the General Laws, as approved by the Lowell City Council, a summary of which appears below? Yes or No. YES – 5018; NO – 3646

The evening after the election, at a joint meeting of the city council and school committee, members elected Lee Gitschier to fill the unexpired term of Ray Boutin on the Greater Lowell Vocational High School board. Boutin had resigned from the board in September.