Christmas in Lowell: 1921

What was Christmas like in Lowell one hundred years ago? Here are some stories that appeared in the local newspapers in the days leading up to Christmas as well as some ads for local merchants: First Day of Winter: Warmer tomorrow! The weather man promises to repent and make full…

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A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day By Malcolm Sharps Malcolm Sharps recalls a day in London in the seemingly much safer world of forty years ago: My girlfriend was from Brazil.  Or rather, to me, she wasn’t just from Brazil, she was Brazil, the embodiment of the country, she was bossa nova, she…

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Take Flight

Take Flight By Melissa Contover “Bienvenue a bord mesdames et messieurs” the flight attendant announces over the planes intercom making me feel as if we were already in France. Thank god I retained something, anything, from my French classes which I had taken ever since seventh grade. I could finally…

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