Preliminary Election Week: 1973

This post was scheduled for last week during “Preliminary Election Week” but somehow failed to appear so I’m posting it today.  Here are the results of the 1973 Lowell City Council preliminary election: 1. Armand LeMay 8878 2. Robert Kennedy 8623 3. Leo Farley 8088 4. Ellen Sampson 7648 5.…

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Living Madly: Hello?

Living Madly: Hello? By Emilie-Noelle Provost I’ve read several articles lately that discuss the problem of loneliness and what can be done about it. Over the past several years, it seems, the lack of human connection has become a problem for people of all ages. Even if loneliness doesn’t affect…

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Bag Lady

Song lyrics by Charles Gargiulo: BAG LADY This was originally published by the New Lowell Offering in 1977.  She drifts from the depots and bus stops To still the chill in her bones. She has to keep moving constantly To hide the fact she’s alone. When she stops to rest…

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