October Dreaming

This essay originally appeared in the Boston Globe Ideas section on Sunday, October 23, 2022, and on bostonglobe.com on October 19.     October Dreaming By David Daniel October is a month of mystic meanings. Of marigolds and wild asters and the ripe honey scent of Concord grapes on the…

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“Evacuations” by Henri Marchand

In 2006 I wrote the following WUML Sunrise essay.  It was inspired by a Cold War relic discovered while browsing through a salvage/antique shop. The nuclear survival guide, “Protection in the Nuclear Age”, struck me as quaint and out-of-date given that we were in a relatively warmer era with no…

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Lowell Connector Extension

The Lowell Connector wasn’t designed to end in a Gorham Street homeowner’s front yard as it unfortunately does. The below sketch depticts the intended route of the Connector. The “extension” died when the City Council defeated the necessary eminent domain taking which would have demolished 700 homes and 150 small…

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