July 4, 1922 in Lowell

Here’s a sampling of what the Fourth of July was like in Lowell 100 years ago:

Fireworks display by Antonelli Fireworks Co of Rochester NY for $1200. They will also supply “bombs” to be fired from the summit of Fort Hill at sunrise, noon and sunset. Fireworks display begins at 9 pm and will last two hours. Aerial bombs will recreate US Flag, Niagara Falls, St. Anne’s Church, Ladd & Whitney monument, Mayor George Brown.

On South Common during afternoon, Lowell Military band will give programs at 3 and 5pm. Lowell Cadet Band will give programs at 6 and 8 pm.

Aitken’s band will play at Washington Park from 2 o 3

Lowell Cadet Bank will give a concert at North Common from 6 to 8

Two complete carnivals with more than 100 concessions. The big midway will open on South Common at 6 until midnight.

BUT it rained so fireworks were postponed to the 5th and then again to the 6th. People showed up for events but the rain had the dominant hand. When it wasn’t raining, there were threatening clouds.

American Legion Will Dedicate Squares

American Legion Post 87 will dedicate three squares on July 4th in memory of Lowell soldiers who fell in the World War. All members and all World War veterans are requested to gather at the intersection of Dutton and Fletcher streets at 10 a.m. The gathering will move at 10:45 am to Cranna-Manning Square (intersection of Fletcher and Suffolk) for dedicatory exercises. Belanger Square at the intersection of Middlesex and Thorndike Street (opposite the depot) will then be visited and that square dedicated. Roy Square, located at the intersection of Branch and Middlesex Street, opposite the Notre Dame Church, will be dedicated following the completion of naming Belanger Square. Regan’s band will escort the procession to the different squares.

Lowell-Made Ice Cream was available at:

  • Cameron Ice Cream Co – 848 Middlesex St
  • Carrier’s Ice Cream – 1169 Lakeview Ave
  • Cruikshank’s Ice Cream – 19 Arch St
  • Lowell Ice Cream Co – 212 Cumberland Rd
  • Puritan Ice Cream Co – 110 Jefferson St
  • Sharf’s Ice Cream – 67 School St.

Big Holiday Traffic on Boston and Maine

Traffic to Maine and the White Mountains has been very heavy over the Boston & Maine during the past few days.

Also on the Fourth:

  • Dancing at Merrimack Park, the Kasino and at Lakeview Park
  • Sports including horse racing by the Lowell Driving Club at Golden Cover Park
  • Ball game and band concert at Chelmsford Center
  • Baseball – the Highland Daylights vs Lawrence Independents at Lawrence
  • Bowling and pool in local establishments