First Time in America: Learning Cities Conference in Lowell: Everyone Invited to Attend

This message if from Felice Kincannon ( on behalf of the organizing committee.
Dear All, 
Please try to carve out some time to attend the First American Learning Cities Networking Conference next week, Thursday and Friday, November 14 and 15. Apologies for the fact that this invitation is late. We had some unexpected hurdles to jump over (or crawl under, as the case may be). Feel free to invite colleagues and friends. You are most welcome to attend all of the conference or whatever hours you can find. It should be a terrific experience. Here’s a link to a web page with more information and a link to registration: 

Featured Schedule:

  • Thursday, November 14 at 8:30 a.m.: Workshops and Presentations at Alumni Hall Lounge, UMass Lowell North Campus
  • Friday, November 15 at 9 a.m.: Lowell as a Learning City: Site Visits and Exploration beginning at the Boott Cotton Mill Museum
Also, please come to: Boris, Borders and the Backstop: Ireland’s Brexit Battle, Friday, November 15. The discussion will be at the Richard and Nancy Donahue Academic Arts Center, 240 Central Street, Downtown Lowell at 6:00 PM. Our speaker, Mary Murphy, will provide excellent insight into the moving target that is Brexit and its implications for Ireland. Again, please bring your friends, share with your friends. Here’s a link to the City of Learning Facebook event page: 
Thanks, everyone.
Lowell as a Learning City
Given the unique landscape of the city and the numerous institutions that call it home, we are perfectly situated call Lowell a “City of Learning”. Lowell is a city that effectively utilizes its resources to resources to:
·         promote inclusive learning from basic to higher education
·         revitalize learning in families and communities
·         facilitate learning for and in the workplace
·         extend the use of modern learning technologies
·         enhance quality and excellence in learning
·         foster a culture of learning throughout life
In so doing we will develop and reinforce individual empowerment and social cohesion, economic and cultural prosperity, and sustainable development throughout the city.
Building our City…
By framing Lowell as a City of Learning we combine all the elements that make Lowell such a and exciting place defining the value of the City as:
·         a destination for business development, drawn by an educated citizenry
·         a place where lifelong education and skills-building meet the challenges of the Gig and Digital economy
·         a destination for visitors
·         an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city
·         a place of community cohesion, and excitement across and within neighborhoods
·         a city with national and international recognition
For more about Lowell: City of Learning, please visit the website: