‘Remembering Arthur Ramalho’ by D-Tension

Our friend in Lowell, D-Tension, the writer, performing artist, record producer, and all around-er, recently shared this appreciation of Arthur Ramalho, icon of the city’s boxing scene on his Facebook page. With his permission, we are cross-posting the piece here.  The image of the famed trainer is by Danielle Levitt, courtesy of a Hollywood Reporter article by Scott McKim in 2011.–PM

The great boxing trainer, mentor and Lowell legend Arthur Ramalho has passed. This is a true loss for the city and for the youth AND the elderly people of Lowell. Arthur dedicated his life to working with both. He was a giver.

Here’s a story I’ve never had the opportunity to tell. When the now movie-famous boxer Micky Ward was in mid career he was not the household name he is now. He was Lowell famous but the Arturo Gatti fights had not yet happened and no one could have imagined there would one day be a movie in the works.

At that time, my friend and fellow hip hop artist Fee thought it would be cool to make a song for Micky to play on his way to the ring. We recorded “One Hit To The Body” but we needed to figure out a way to get the song to Micky. We posted it on line and Lowell boxing mega fan Jerry Colton heard it and brought it to Arthur’s attention. Arthur had me bring the CD to him and he gave it to Micky and his brother Dicky Ecklund. Micky then used it on his ring walk in his biggest career win, the first Gatti fight.

Arthur didn’t know me from a hole in the wall but he did that for me and I will always be thankful.

But wait there’s more.

Years later Arthur contacted me and gave me contact information for Oscar winning Director David O. Russel. Dave was directing “The Fighter” and Arthur wanted to make sure he knew about the song. “You didn’t get this phone number from me, you understand?” Yes I understood.

Unfortunately the movie ends before the Gatti fight so my song didn’t end up in the movie but I did and I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Arthur Ramalho. Rest In Peace, sir.

Oh and here’s the song. https://youtu.be/0k5JmIp0NbQ

One Response to ‘Remembering Arthur Ramalho’ by D-Tension

  1. Charles Gargiulo says:

    So sad to find out about the passing of Art Ramalho. My late Uncle Arthur and I had ringside season tickets with the Golden Gloves from mid 70’s to the end of the 80’s and it felt like we reacquainted with a friend every Tuesday night in January and February at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.
    I was always amazed to watch Art march up to ringside with fighter after fighter knowing he put in so much time to give every kid from Lowell who wanted to put on the gloves a chance to give it a shot. He had many great fighters over his career but I was especially impressed with how many kids came to him without great natural ability that he was able to train well enough to provide the skills and encouragement to get in the ring and fight to the very best of their ability.
    I’ll never forget the nights when his own son Dave was matched up with Pepper Roach fighting for the Open Title. Those were classic fights and it must have been nerve-wracking for him to watch. Pepper Roach was the brother of Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddy Roach, who also fought in the Gloves as did another brother Joey.
    My Uncle Arthur and I got to know Art and it was fun to talk with him about the fight game, especially for my Uncle Arthur who knew every fighter in the game since he followed Joe Louis as a kid.
    What a legacy Art leaves and he’ll be remembered by many a grown man who will never forget how Arthur taught them how to box and gave them the thrill of a lifetime stepping between the ropes in front of thousands at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. I’ve heard countless stories of how Art also did much more than that for many of those kids beyond the ring as well.
    And to top things off, Art went full circle and also took care of the city’s elderly population when he became Director of the Council on Aging.
    May I join D-Tension in saying, Rest in peace, Sir. Job well done.
    PS. Great song D-Tension