Town of Tewksbury 2019 Local Election Results

On this beautiful Saturday Election Day, 17.6% or 3949 of the voters in Tewksbury turned out to decide two strongly challenged races – a 3-way race for Board of Selectman with the Town Moderator Jayne Wellman Miller challenging two incumbent Selectmen – longtime member Todd Johnson and well-regarded member Anne Marie Stronach. Ms. Stronach led the field for re-election with 2352 votes followed by Ms Wellman elected with 2160 votes then Johnson close-by in third place with 2106 votes.

In the hotly contested four-way race for Board of Health, incumbent Anthony Boschetti led with 1757 votes while incumbent George Ferdinand at 1266 votes was ousted by newcomer Maria Zaroulis with 1697 votes and Kylee Perrotta placed third with 1549 votes.

The Debt Exclusion Question #1
“Shall the Town of Tewksbury be allowed to exempt from proposition 2 1/2 to pay for the design, construction and to equip a 140,000 square-foot elementary school, school administration office and athletic field complex?” Passed with a
total of 2587 “Yes” votes to 1326 “No” votes. There was a lot of passionate support for this question.

The three non-biding questions related to recreational marijuana cultivation, testing and production were all defeated.

This election saw many motivated campaign supporters hard at work over the last few weeks. Many were old-hands at local town elections but many were newcomers. The results of this activism made a difference.