From North Tewksbury

Serious, steady snow falling in Tewksbury since 8am. School cancelled, town offices including the library are closed. One of our selectman is also a MassDOT operations guy and he advised me that our area is slated for 12-16″ of snow… it will be a heavy snowfall at times. Earlier neighborhood traffic was light – now no traffic passing. Be safe… stay inside.

An Update at 4pm…

Accumulations of 8-9 inches so far in North Tewksbury… periods of gusty winds have made accurate measurements difficult and the winds have made snow drifts everywhere. The snow is still steady, the temp continues to drop with current reading at 15 degrees but feeling more like 5 degrees. Expecting snow and gusty winds to continue as temps drop into the low teens. The street is snow-covered… but a plow just made a pass… the neighborhood is quiet with an occasional vehicle. Expect our plow and shovel work to be in the wee hours… in the meantime we are hunkered down, warm and safe as we approach 5 o’clock with waning daylight and visibility.