Lively South Common Tonight in a Good Way

View on the South Common Lowell

Historic view of the South Common on postcard (courtesy


100 people of all ages on the South Common at 7 pm. Talk about place-making. These basketball players, dog-walkers, strolling families. blanket-sitters, bike riders, soccer ball kickers, playground kids, circus performers practicing, and others are making the park a vibrant public space tonight. All good. Thanks to the City leadership and staff for completing the resurfacing of the sports field. That, plus the regular lawn-mowing and weed-whacking in the planting beds along Thorndike Street, gave the Common a vibrant, appealing vibe tonight. This is just a hint of what we will see when the South Common is completely renovated according to the finished design in the hands of the City. A good news day in the South Common Historic District. That’s the local report at 7.17 pm.