Buzzy Farm Market-Day at Mill No. 5

Rosemary and I had a lively swing through the Farm Market at Mill No. 5 this afternoon, which was busy with people. The Purple Carrot bakers made 54 loaves of bread this morning and sold all of them. The bakers want to open an artisanal shop in Lowell. Right now they bake in Haverhill. One of them is from Pawtucketville and lives close to downtown. We enjoyed the variety of products and table-runners. Along with a round loaf of wheat bread, we got the local flavored popcorn, a bag of rosemary-roasted cashews, soft cookies, and more. Tory Germann was holding down the vinyl fort at Dave Perry’s record shop where I met a young Beatles fan. “I love the classics,” she said, holding up a used “Sgt. Pepper’s.” All the fresh produce looked tasty, especially a couple of baskets of apples. People were buying soap, coffee, candy, starter plants, and other items. A bluegrass band pumped up the volume right outside the elevator. You could get a massage sitting down at one booth. The café was packed. The place was happening. These bazaars and pop-up markets are bringing in an array of people who want this kind of experience in Lowell. Down the end of the corridor Luna Theatre had a show this afternoon. Outside, the Lowell 350 climate-change campaigners were getting signatures in favor of the City of Lowell’s divestment from fossil fuel companies. One activist was a former UMass Lowell student. Bottle what we have at Mill No. 5 and Lowell will go a long way toward realizing its marketing aspirations.

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