‘Mill Power’ Review in ‘Merrimack Valley Magazine’

Thanks to “Merrimack Valley Magazine” for the kind words about “Mill Power” in a review in the new March/April 2015 issue.

Here’s the link for the “Mill Power” review

And here’s the link for the MVM site and several articles and features that are online.

Please look for and buy the magazine at your favorite magazine rack, including the ones in Market Baskets around the region—and consider subscribing to this fine regional publication. The new issue has a photo-spread on the Angkor Dance Troupe by Adrien Bisson with text by Emilie-Noelle Provost (MVM editor-in-chief); an excerpt from Steve O’Connor’s new novel, “The Witch at the Rivermouth,” Henri Marchand’s article on the world of magic in the Merrimack Valley, and a lot more.


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