Norman Rockwell’s Iconic Images of Thanksgiving in America

The works of Norman Rockwell – famed 20th-century American painter and illustrator – were perhaps the best at portraying the images of Thanksgiving that reflect his time and and the culture of his time. Today his images seem more nostalgic but nonetheless they are evocative of American memories. What images will be evocative of our time – this time in America? To you and yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful.

Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” (Saturday Evening Post, 1943)

A large family gathered at a table for a holiday meal as the Turkey arrives at the table.

Norman Rockwell’s “Mother and son peeling potatoes ~ Home for Thanksgiving” (Saturday Evening Post, 1945)

Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving: Mother and Son Peeling Potatoes Saturday Evening Post March 6, 1943


Norman Rockwell’s “Saying Grace” (Saturday Evening Post, 1951)… (Not Thanksgiving but certainly being thankful!)



A much earlier Norman Rockwell  image ~ “Cousin Reginald Catches the Turkey” (The Country Gentleman
December 1, 1917)

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