Architect Patrick Tighe’s Work in NYT

Architect Patrick Tighe is based in Southern California these days, but he has deep Lowell roots. Today’s NYTimes’s Home section features photographs and an article about a house in Los Angeles designed by Patrick. Montee Karp and her husband Dr. Harvey Karp hired Patrick to transform their ocean-facing  house. She said, “And the brilliance of Patrick’s design completely makes you forget this was an A-frame shack.” See and read more here, and get the NYT if you like this kind of reporting. The link has been on the front page of the NYT website today. He is a graduate of the architecture and design program at UMass Amherst.

Web photo courtesy of UMass Amherst. Read more about Patrick and his firm here in a UMass Amherst profile.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Patrick Tighe is also a member of Lowell High School’s Distinguished Alumni, inducted in November 2010. His remarks that evening about his years at LHS were both heartbreaking and heartwarming as he spoke of the loss of his mother and the discovery that art might make his life’s work a joy.