The Party Band: On the Record

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The Party Band (Web photo by Anne Cook courtesy of Party Band Facebook page)

The Party Band Announces Release of Debut Album Transcendenta

Street-Friendly, 24-Piece Brass Band from Lowell, Mass., Drops First Album on Mar. 29 at Local Music Festival

The River Hawk Party Band (know to locals as The Party Band) is slated to unveil its debut album, Transcendenta, at the 4th installment of the group’s seasonal all-ages music festival, Pure Cosmic Bop / Heavy Space Jams. The festival series was designed by the band to promote the best in local and regional music, with a decided emphasis on Jazz artists.

The festival will take place on March 29 at The Blue Shamrock and Gemstones on Market St. in  downtown Lowell, and will feature more than 20 local and regional bands across three stages, including performances by The Big Sway, Jeff Galindo 3, The Wolverine Jazz Band, and The Merrimack Delta Dub Set.

Transcendenta, produced by independent record label Nice Bass Productions, features 10 original songs, played live and sung by all 24 musicians. The album was funded in part by the band’s Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $5,000 from more than 100 fans in just 40 days. Prizes included limited-edition vinyl LPs and bottles of the band’s very own Party Band Hot Sauce.

In little over a year, The Party Band has managed to cultivate a strong and lasting presence in Lowell. Fully mobile and all-acoustic— comprising of drums, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, a clarinet, melodica, and oboe—the band brings the party right to your front door.

This community-oriented group of troubadours has played most venues and festivals in Lowell, and has most recently received a grant to bring music workshops to five of Lowell’s public schools in 2014.

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