A Lowell Cracker Savored

This a double cross-post linking a  “trip down memory lane” as recalled by our friend Dave McKeon at LowellIrish and my personal spin in a post on the Lowell Historical Society site.  The subject is simple – the famous Lowell Bradt’s Soda cracker. Did you ever have a Bradt’s cracker?

A Lowell Cracker Remembered

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The array of crackers available to today’s consumers from Market Basket to Trader Joe’s and beyond is stunning. I’m a cracker lover who enjoys eating them plain or with butter, “spread” or hard cheese, peanut butter (sometime with a touch of Fluff), jelly, a dip or crumbled in soup. Ritz crackers with melted butter make a elegant dressing/stuffing for scallops or lobster. But if you have a stomach that needs settling a plain saltine does the trick. This cross-post from Dave McKeon at LowellIrish reminds us of the wonderful, tasty, versatile Lowell Bradt’s Soda cracker – once a staple in so many homes. Take a trip down Memory Lane ~

The rest of the story… http://irishlowell.blogspot.com/2014/01/bradts-crackers-lowell-original.html